1 down, next stop? Garnet Valley!

Here is a copy of my Facebook post:

Bay Academy just returned home after our 2nd Science Olympiad Competition at Bayard Rustin in PA (one of the top and toughest nationally – where we placed 15th last year). This year? We placed 6th overall among some of the best schools in the northeast (and Ohio, too!) Every year I wonder what lies ahead for our teams and how will we ever find such great students again. And then we do! In addition, we have an array of former SciOly students who are always at hand to help out their former school! And so to all of you… Thank you!! You crushed it today!! Looking forward to our next Invitational – Garnet Valley – just miles away from today’s successes!

I am posting the results here. If you happen to see any of our “science nerds”  in the hallway, give them a high-five and let them know they did a great job.They have upped the game of The Bay Academy by showing we ready to take Regionals, hurdle over State and possibly even take a sprint at Nationals. They are so proud of their accomplishments, and I am so very proud of each and every one of them! Keep in mind that every team you see in the top 7 has competed and placed in National Competitions… and there we are, the new kids on the block – The Bay Academy – right up there among them! We are The Bay Academy!!!

So how did you do? Take a look!

Rustin 2018 Master Scoresheet


We have things to do!! Who ordered this snow??!! I am posting the message I just sent out on Jupiter to all students, hoping that whoever missed that, will see this 🙂

Enjoy some snow this morning, because you have a lot to get together after you come back inside and dry off! Tomorrow is our last day to get everything ready, so here is your “to do” list for today:

*** Before you read this, make sure you have returned your signed Permission Slips (attached here). If you haven’t by Friday, you will not be going Saturday so the list will be unnecessary.

I MUST have these tomorrow!


2018 Bayard Rustin Consent Forms

2018 Garnet Valley Consent Forms

1. Have your “cheat sheet” ready TODAY. If it is in COLOR and you are able to go to a Staples today and print it out – DO IT! We have the color printer, but it works somewhat erratically. So if you really MUST have it in color, take care of that today. If you cannot, you must E-MAIL IT TO ME TODAY AND I WILL TRY TO PRINT IT TOMORROW (or you can take it to Mr. Weinstein or Ms. Pinto to print.)

2. Binders – your binder is as ready as it will be. If you have other pages that need to be added, print them out TODAY. Hole punch today or tomorrow, add them in and you are finished.

3. RE-READ your event CAREFULLY! Make sure you are missing nothing that you need to have with you, or need to know. Most of the boxes are complete, but if you need to assemble your box, or if you need anything to go into your box – do it TODAY. Once we are at school tomorrow, we will not have any time to “run out” and pick up a few things, so you MUST take of this today. If you have not yet made up a box I cannot guarantee I will have an extra one tomorrow in school.

4. Do not come unprepared.

To Do List for tomorrow (in school):

1. Come in as early as possible. Anyone can come in early. I will be there by 6am. If you are doing Wright Stuff, we can fly from 6am to about 6:45, then we’ll start getting things together.

2. Feel free to come into my room before classes begin and during your lunch as well. Make sure your binder is all set. If you really want to take your binder home to work on it, speak with me. If you take it home and forget to bring it in for the competition, you will hurt both you and the team. But if you really need it to study, we’ll talk.

3. Do prepare! Don’t procrastinate! Come in after school to make sure you have everything together: binders, boxes, everything! When you come in Saturday morning, you will have no time to assemble anything. All you will be doing is gathering your materials, loading them on the bus and falling back asleep (maybe)! **A Note – When the boxes are packed on the bus, they will be quite frozen by the time we arrive at Bayard Rustin, so please be gentle with them as they will break easily when cold.

Questions? Ask away. If I have forgotten anything, please let me know 🙂
Dr. C

Bayard Rustin Invy (Pennsylvania)

Our 1st Invitational is right around the corner (we return to school on Tuesday and leave for Bayard Rustin on Saturday!) so here are the details! As always, parents are allowed (sincerely encouraged!) to attend, but due to school insurance regulations, they are not permitted on the bus. It is about a 2 hour drive.

  • Date: Saturday 1/6/18 – Day Trip (Sunday 1/7 snow date)
  • Location: 1100 Shiloh Rd, West Chester, PA 19382 (484) 266-4300
  • RETURN TO BAY ACADEMY (1/6/18) approximately 9:30pm depending on traffic)
  • Please make sure you have all permission slips in on the day we return (except returning 9th graders who will have them e-mailed on Tuesday and MUST bring them with them on Saturday unless we see you before then).
    “Rome did not create a great empire by wasting time… they did it by crushing everyone who opposed them.”

    Remember, we are competing to win (and to show the world that science nerds rock!)

  • Parents or students, if you have any questions about this, or upcoming Invitationals, please do not hesitate to post them here (other parents might have the same questions) or e-mail me – drcubbin@yahoo.com I am attaching the schedule below for the remainder of the year (5 more events!!) Some details have changed slightly (teachers/parents attending), so I will continue to make updated posts here on the website as we near each event.
  • 2017-18 SciOly Invitational Travel Itinerary 

47 DAYS (Update!)

Yes, 47 days until our first SciOly Invitational! It will be an all day affair at Bayard Rustin HS in Pennsylvania. We will be leaving at 4:30am (sharp!) from Bay Academy and will arrive at approximately 7:00am. Last year this invitational gave us a “wake up” call those who were on the bus ride home are not soon to forget. But once we were “awake”, and after two more Invitationals, we went on to place 11th at the NY State SciOly competition (eclipsing as we have all other NY City teams for the past two years). So let’s get ready for this year’s wake up call, because we plan on raising the bar even higher – Top 5!

** We will only be taking 2 teams to Bayard Rustin, so this is why we are pushing you to prepare and organize your BINDERS. Weekly test scores will decide who goes, so get busy!

Testing begins this week!

This will be the first week we will be testing all students in all events on most days. You have seen the back wall and know the “mutual” days that you and your partner will be there, so be prepared! Every test you and your partner take from now until the first invitational will determine your placement (Team A, Team B or Team C). Once the Invitationals begin, your placement in each event will determine your team standings for the next Invitational. Very exciting!

85 Days to go!

It seems like a long way away, but in just 85 days we will be attending our first SciOly Invitational of the 2017-18 season! No time to waste. Start digging into your Manual. Learn everything they are going to expect you to know. And when you find that out, dig deeper! Those “battle-scarred veterans” on the team know exactly what I mean and you also know that Gelenias, Eagle Hill, R.C. Murphy and the rest of those teams we are looking to blast by are doing what we are doing now, only better! So we have to go beyond them and find ways to position Bay Academy at the “top of the food chain”! We have great teams this year and each has the chance to make an “A” team out of their partners. So let’s get moving and find ways every day to make our goals of Top 5 in New York State. (And who knows, this could be our year for Nationals!)

Next Test… Friday!

There will be a 2nd “content” test this coming Friday 10/6, in Rm 232. As of now, it will be covering the same events, only with slight changes in areas of concentration:

  • Thermodynamics – General Information
  • A & P – Digestive System
  • Microbe Mission – Infectious Diseases & Treatments

6th Graders, SciOly and more!!

Incoming 6th Graders, see VIP messages at the bottom of the post…

School is upon us – I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get started on a brand new school year, science competitions and the Science Olympiad! I am attaching two documents. First is the Tentative events for this year’s SciOly (updated today) and the second is the scheduling of these events (as they will be grouped “approximately” at each of our Invitationals, Regional and the States. We have set up the events so that whatever events you are starting in at the beginning of the year, will be the same events you will participate in at the States (if you make it to the end – this will be decided by your cumulative performance throughout our competitions).

Since this is a new way of organizing students with their events, here is what I would do to prepare for the qualifying tests you will be taking in September:

1. Study the events. See what you think you would be good at. Keep in mind, for example, there are only two building groups for each of Bay Academy’s 3 teams – that means 6 people total. So if you only focus on the builds, and don’t get on a building team, you may either not make it to the final teams, or end up on an academic team that you may not know much about.

2. Be adaptable. Get a general idea for all events since you will be evaluated for both academic and building teams. This will be based on the tests you took at the end of last year and some tests we will be doing in September.

3. All teams will be set by the end of September. Understand, we are not always looking for the smartest students, but we are looking for the students who can make the smartest decisions when in academic competitions. Never be discouraged. In addition, 15 of you will be chosen to take part in the New York City Science Bowl, also based on qualifying test scores. It is going to be a very exciting year!

If you have any questions, please contact me. This information will also be posted on our growing Science Olympiad website bayacademyscience.com/

Tentative 2018 SciOly Events

2018 Blocked Events in State Schedule

6th Graders – I will be posting the list of all science contests and competitions that Science Talent students will be participating in this year. This work will not be done during regular class time, but during the times I see you for your Science Talent classes. I will be posting this later today (8/30) so check back. Now if you are interested in participating in the Science Olympiad, there will be a test given after school during the week of 9/11. This means that in order to take the test, you must sign up for the NIA after school program as soon as possible. So what should you be studying? The test will include questions regarding general science, biology, physics, engineering, microbiology, medical case histories, household chemicals, and much more. Please understand that it will be impossible for you to know all the answers, but you want to be as best prepared as you can be. So here is the order I would search for information – best in this order:

  1. Go to the National Science Olympiad (SciOly) website – from here, you can find out much about SciOly and what it is all about. You need to have a general understanding of how the competition is run to be successful
  2. Go to the NY State Science Olympiad (SciOly) website – This will provide you with all updated information regarding our state competition. As you can see on there, the manual – which used to be sold and could not be duplicated – will now be made available online September 5th and free to download. You MUST download this manual to see what events will be offered this year. Above, I have provided you with a “tentative” listing. The manual will provide the final word.
  3. Go to the SciOly Test Exchange site – This is part of the SciOly.org website and has uploaded copies of all previous tests, as well as very helpful study information. If you register (which you should!), you will be permitted to join in online chats. The chats are great as you will always find others who will be very free to offer their expertise. By using the Tentative Event list as a guide, you can see many of the previous tests w/ answer keys that you will be able to use for studying.

6th Graders – Keep in mind that I do not expect you to do as well (though you might!!) as the 7th or 8th graders. So what you will want to do is to best as best prepared as you can be. Don’t stress out. Think smarter, not harder (ok, maybe a little harder) and do your best. If you have any questions, please post them here since others might have the same questions as well. Good luck! Dr. C

SciOly 2017 – WOW!

Bay Academy SciOly 3rd-Gen was quite a team! You took us from 15th to 11th overall in NY State – beating out the other 250+ Middle School teams in New York State! You were a force to be reckoned with in the world of Science Olympiad. You knew this was true when people were talking about Bay Academy as we walked through the halls of competition sites. Each and every one of you did more than you thought possible and more than we could have hoped for. I was in awe of you and inspired by you at the same time (so yes, you earned the grapes!) And I thank you for your determination and grit – also for the beautiful banner you made for me – and yes, if I had tear ducts, I would have cried 🙂

Do not forget your SciOly roots, or that we want you to to be part of the teams and coaching staff next year. Our goal is to place in the Top 5, but we need you to get there. In high school, you will be busier than you ever dreamed you could be, but even if you gave the 4th-Gen SciOly Nerds a few days here and there to help guide and direct them, you would be making a great contribution to Bay Academy. So pass it forward when possible!

Peace and Love to all of you – Dr. C and all the SciOly coaches who have made it very clear that you are leaving behind a very large pair of shoes to fill!

(And SciOly boys, if you have any graduation pics you would like me to add to the Photos album, just forward them along).