About us…

All great things have humble beginnings and the Bay Academy Science Olympiad Team is no different (and perhaps even a bit more humble than most!) It all began in the beginning of March 2015. As the 8th grade Science Talent teacher, I was looking for something special to do with the kids this year. I had participated in the NYC Science Olympiad once before on the high school level and knew it was something our students would enjoy.

The only problem was that it was late in the school year (well, January) and we only had about two months before the competition and my students knew absolutely nothing about SciOly (the Science Olympiad) or how to take part in the competition. But we are Bay Academy, with lots of talent and a desire to succeed and win. I proposed SciOly to Ms. Timo and she loved the idea of having our kids participate in not just an academic competition, but a science competition. And the rest, as they say, is history!

We did so well that I had students in other talents start asking if they could become part of the team. After speaking with both Ms. Timo and Mrs. Dalton, we decided that for our second year of competition, it would include 6th and 7th grade science talents as well as 8th grade. This would ensure a strong base of upcoming teams as we moved forward, and it did just that!” For our second year (but first full year of competing) we came in 2nd overall in NYC and earned an invitation to the State Competition in Syracuse, NY, where we placed 15th overall out of 35 teams competing and out of 260+ middle school teams in NY State. No other NY City team placed higher than Bay Academy. Our team made us proud!

Year 3… Once more our SUPER team of Olympiads placed 2nd in NYC and earned another invite to the NY State Competition. This year’s team paved new ground for NY City and placed 11th overall in NY State. This is an unprecedented achievement in the history of NY City teams competing in the Science Olympiad and these students can move forward knowing they were truly special people, each and every one of them! They are the “top of the food chain!!”

Goals for year 4 (2017-2018) – Bay Academy places 1st in NY City, and in the top 5 at the State Competition. This is not just the bragging of a Science Olympiad coach of very bright students. Bay Academy has an outstanding and bright student body and is headed up by Ms. Maria Timo & Mrs. Janice Dalton, whose  support and guidance has helped to keep the wheels greased and the engine stoked! Thank you both!