The Bay Academy takes 1st Place… again!

 Time for another Science Olympiad Update… Yesterday the Bay Academy Science Olympiad Team once again took 1st Place in our NY City Regional SciOly competition and are on our way to Syracuse for the State tournament in just 5 weeks. This will be our 4th trip to States and if our progress this year is an indicator of what to expect, then a letter the Nationals may be just around the corner!

No NYC high school or middle school in the history of SciOly has ever made it to Nationals and we – The Bay Academy – are now closer than any team has ever come before us. 

I have said it before, but it’s worth repeating. Every year we get a new team and every year I wonder how will they ever be able to eclipse the successes of the previous year. Team “NATS 2019” has shown me how this is done – lots of studying, hours of after-school preparation (many of these students are in after-school until 5pm every day!), research into all levels of their events, missed family events, and everything else it takes to make champions! Yes, they stand on the shoulders of giants, every SciOly team that has come before them, but they are proving the giants they are! They have made their families, their school and their coaches so very proud. As coaches, we must up our game once again and help them achieve their goal to make SciOly history. To our team… NATS 2019!!