Like science? You’re going to LOVE science at Bay Academy!

It is no secret. The Bay Academy Science Olympiad team is 1st in NY City, 5th in NY State and will be going to Nationals this year (a promise, not a prediction)! Are you an incoming 6th grader this September? Then you already know that The Bay Academy science department is #1 in New York City so get ready for three exciting years of science!

To help make this happen our principal, Mrs. Timo, has added a THIRD room (shown above) to the science department that will be used by the Science Olympiad team for all building events (Towers, bridges, Gliders, etc…). If you have been involved with building events in the past, you know that a big disadvantage has been, “Now that I built the glider, where can I leave it until I can work on it again tomorrow so nobody hits and breaks it?” That problem is solved! This room is for balsa builders only and will be locked when not being used and will give the team a big advantage preparing for this year’s competitions. It is Room 222 and located to the left of Dr. C’s Room 232. Here’s a picture! Nationals in 2019!

See the beautiful lab in the photos above and below? We’ve spent the first two weeks of summer vacation cleaning, organizing and re-stocking the Chemistry Lab. This is one room that really sets The Bay Academy apart from all other middle school science programs. This facility is as good – if not better – than some of the chemistry work areas you will see in many of our NY City high school science labs. This is where we will be working on some of the most popular events like Potions and Poisons, Food Science, Disease Detectives, Water Quality, Crime Busters and more!

And here (pic below) is where it starts – Room 232. Even though the Science Olympiad is one of the most popular science competitions, it is by no means all we have to offer. It is in this room where you will learn all about Future City, Future Engineers, E-Cybermission, Engineer Girl, Fluor Challenge and more than a dozen other academic/science competitions that you will be working on all year if you are Science Talent or at your own pace if you happen to be in another talent. Be prepared, because our students have been taking home more top prizes each year (3-D printers, cash, $1,000 and $500 saving bonds and we expect this year to be our best yet)! We know what you want from science and The Bay Academy has it all for you. After all… we are #1! See you in September!!