Success at Cornell!!

The Science Olympiad Team once again proved their worth. After a long day of ups and downs (as is always the case with any big competition) The Bay Academy team attended the awards ceremony and were called to the stage a record 21 times for events in 26 categories! You rocked it boys and girls! Three 1st Place medals and the other eighteen in the Top 6!! I will keep this short and sweet to get some rest as we will be going to the NY City Regional competition in 6 days!! We are predicting to take 1st and 2nd Places and four weeks after that be on our way to the NY State SciOly competition! From State only the top 2 teams go to Nationals and we have placed 2nd 3rd and 5th in our three most important competitions this year. So close, but as a roofer I once worked for used to say, “Now is not the time to stand back and admire your work”, and so we won’t. Let’s get in as much as possible this week and crush the Regionals! And thank you to all our coaches, teachers (even Mr. Auriti!), Student Coaches and especially parents. It means so much to the team to see you there rooting for and supporting them. You all ROCK! (Here’s a sampling of our champions!)

Our kids at Cornell!