Bay Academy is now the #1 Science Olympiad Team in New York City!

Following a long day of events, the again usual ups and downs of academic competition, and an embarrassingly late entrance to the awards ceremony (many apologies to you, Alice!) Bay Academy has finally taken 1st Place at the New York City Regional SciOly tournament. My hats off to our great students, dedicated coaches, supportive parents, encouraging administration and yes, our team photographer! It is exactly – and only – three years since Bay Academy began on this journey to be #1 and each of you has been there every step of the way. Thank you all. 

Watch us at work!!!
But no time to rest on our laurels. It is now when we begin preparations for our time at State SciOly where it will be decided if this is the year we head to the National Competition – our grail! We feel this is certainly within our grasp… if we can just work a few bugs out of the machine 🙂
So wish us luck, as we head to our 3rd year at State and another chance to take our team to the next level – Nationals!!