Bay Places 2nd at Islip!!!

Once again our bright and hard-working Bay Academy SciOly team reached a new high in our race to the top! After some unexpected highs and lows during each of the events, our team finally eclipsed so many of our toughest competitors and took home 2nd Place! So this leaves only one more to go – 1st Place!!

In addition, our new t-shirts and lab coats provided an awesome level of professionalism and bravado to our relatively new team. Next month marks only three full years The Bay Academy Science Olympic team has been around, and yet look how far we have come. It is hard to believe, but easy to understand when you see the amount of time and effort put forth by students, parents and teachers. Thank you all, and as always, you all make me so very proud to be your teacher and coach! Next stop? Cornell!! Dr. C

This is what 2nd Place (beating out virtually ALL of our former toughest competition) looks like!!