1 down, next stop? Garnet Valley!

Here is a copy of my Facebook post:

Bay Academy just returned home after our 2nd Science Olympiad Competition at Bayard Rustin in PA (one of the top and toughest nationally – where we placed 15th last year). This year? We placed 6th overall among some of the best schools in the northeast (and Ohio, too!) Every year I wonder what lies ahead for our teams and how will we ever find such great students again. And then we do! In addition, we have an array of former SciOly students who are always at hand to help out their former school! And so to all of you… Thank you!! You crushed it today!! Looking forward to our next Invitational – Garnet Valley – just miles away from today’s successes!

I am posting the results here. If you happen to see any of our “science nerds”  in the hallway, give them a high-five and let them know they did a great job.They have upped the game of The Bay Academy by showing we ready to take Regionals, hurdle over State and possibly even take a sprint at Nationals. They are so proud of their accomplishments, and I am so very proud of each and every one of them! Keep in mind that every team you see in the top 7 has competed and placed in National Competitions… and there we are, the new kids on the block – The Bay Academy – right up there among them! We are The Bay Academy!!!

So how did you do? Take a look!

Rustin 2018 Master Scoresheet

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