We have things to do!! Who ordered this snow??!! I am posting the message I just sent out on Jupiter to all students, hoping that whoever missed that, will see this 🙂

Enjoy some snow this morning, because you have a lot to get together after you come back inside and dry off! Tomorrow is our last day to get everything ready, so here is your “to do” list for today:

*** Before you read this, make sure you have returned your signed Permission Slips (attached here). If you haven’t by Friday, you will not be going Saturday so the list will be unnecessary.

I MUST have these tomorrow!


2018 Bayard Rustin Consent Forms

2018 Garnet Valley Consent Forms

1. Have your “cheat sheet” ready TODAY. If it is in COLOR and you are able to go to a Staples today and print it out – DO IT! We have the color printer, but it works somewhat erratically. So if you really MUST have it in color, take care of that today. If you cannot, you must E-MAIL IT TO ME TODAY AND I WILL TRY TO PRINT IT TOMORROW (or you can take it to Mr. Weinstein or Ms. Pinto to print.)

2. Binders – your binder is as ready as it will be. If you have other pages that need to be added, print them out TODAY. Hole punch today or tomorrow, add them in and you are finished.

3. RE-READ your event CAREFULLY! Make sure you are missing nothing that you need to have with you, or need to know. Most of the boxes are complete, but if you need to assemble your box, or if you need anything to go into your box – do it TODAY. Once we are at school tomorrow, we will not have any time to “run out” and pick up a few things, so you MUST take of this today. If you have not yet made up a box I cannot guarantee I will have an extra one tomorrow in school.

4. Do not come unprepared.

To Do List for tomorrow (in school):

1. Come in as early as possible. Anyone can come in early. I will be there by 6am. If you are doing Wright Stuff, we can fly from 6am to about 6:45, then we’ll start getting things together.

2. Feel free to come into my room before classes begin and during your lunch as well. Make sure your binder is all set. If you really want to take your binder home to work on it, speak with me. If you take it home and forget to bring it in for the competition, you will hurt both you and the team. But if you really need it to study, we’ll talk.

3. Do prepare! Don’t procrastinate! Come in after school to make sure you have everything together: binders, boxes, everything! When you come in Saturday morning, you will have no time to assemble anything. All you will be doing is gathering your materials, loading them on the bus and falling back asleep (maybe)! **A Note – When the boxes are packed on the bus, they will be quite frozen by the time we arrive at Bayard Rustin, so please be gentle with them as they will break easily when cold.

Questions? Ask away. If I have forgotten anything, please let me know 🙂
Dr. C

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