85 Days to go!

It seems like a long way away, but in just 85 days we will be attending our first SciOly Invitational of the 2017-18 season! No time to waste. Start digging into your Manual. Learn everything they are going to expect you to know. And when you find that out, dig deeper! Those “battle-scarred veterans” on the team know exactly what I mean and you also know that Gelenias, Eagle Hill, R.C. Murphy and the rest of those teams we are looking to blast by are doing what we are doing now, only better! So we have to go beyond them and find ways to position Bay Academy at the “top of the food chain”! We have great teams this year and each has the chance to make an “A” team out of their partners. So let’s get moving and find ways every day to make our goals of Top 5 in New York State. (And who knows, this could be our year for Nationals!)

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