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School is upon us – I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get started on a brand new school year, science competitions and the Science Olympiad! I am attaching two documents. First is the Tentative events for this year’s SciOly (updated today) and the second is the scheduling of these events (as they will be grouped “approximately” at each of our Invitationals, Regional and the States. We have set up the events so that whatever events you are starting in at the beginning of the year, will be the same events you will participate in at the States (if you make it to the end – this will be decided by your cumulative performance throughout our competitions).

Since this is a new way of organizing students with their events, here is what I would do to prepare for the qualifying tests you will be taking in September:

1. Study the events. See what you think you would be good at. Keep in mind, for example, there are only two building groups for each of Bay Academy’s 3 teams – that means 6 people total. So if you only focus on the builds, and don’t get on a building team, you may either not make it to the final teams, or end up on an academic team that you may not know much about.

2. Be adaptable. Get a general idea for all events since you will be evaluated for both academic and building teams. This will be based on the tests you took at the end of last year and some tests we will be doing in September.

3. All teams will be set by the end of September. Understand, we are not always looking for the smartest students, but we are looking for the students who can make the smartest decisions when in academic competitions. Never be discouraged. In addition, 15 of you will be chosen to take part in the New York City Science Bowl, also based on qualifying test scores. It is going to be a very exciting year!

If you have any questions, please contact me. This information will also be posted on our growing Science Olympiad website bayacademyscience.com/

Tentative 2018 SciOly Events

2018 Blocked Events in State Schedule

6th Graders – I will be posting the list of all science contests and competitions that Science Talent students will be participating in this year. This work will not be done during regular class time, but during the times I see you for your Science Talent classes. I will be posting this later today (8/30) so check back. Now if you are interested in participating in the Science Olympiad, there will be a test given after school during the week of 9/11. This means that in order to take the test, you must sign up for the NIA after school program as soon as possible. So what should you be studying? The test will include questions regarding general science, biology, physics, engineering, microbiology, medical case histories, household chemicals, and much more. Please understand that it will be impossible for you to know all the answers, but you want to be as best prepared as you can be. So here is the order I would search for information – best in this order:

  1. Go to the National Science Olympiad (SciOly) website – from here, you can find out much about SciOly and what it is all about. You need to have a general understanding of how the competition is run to be successful
  2. Go to the NY State Science Olympiad (SciOly) website – This will provide you with all updated information regarding our state competition. As you can see on there, the manual – which used to be sold and could not be duplicated – will now be made available online September 5th and free to download. You MUST download this manual to see what events will be offered this year. Above, I have provided you with a “tentative” listing. The manual will provide the final word.
  3. Go to the SciOly Test Exchange site – This is part of the SciOly.org website and has uploaded copies of all previous tests, as well as very helpful study information. If you register (which you should!), you will be permitted to join in online chats. The chats are great as you will always find others who will be very free to offer their expertise. By using the Tentative Event list as a guide, you can see many of the previous tests w/ answer keys that you will be able to use for studying.

6th Graders – Keep in mind that I do not expect you to do as well (though you might!!) as the 7th or 8th graders. So what you will want to do is to best as best prepared as you can be. Don’t stress out. Think smarter, not harder (ok, maybe a little harder) and do your best. If you have any questions, please post them here since others might have the same questions as well. Good luck! Dr. C

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