SciOly 2017 – WOW!

Bay Academy SciOly 3rd-Gen was quite a team! You took us from 15th to 11th overall in NY State – beating out the other 250+ Middle School teams in New York State! You were a force to be reckoned with in the world of Science Olympiad. You knew this was true when people were talking about Bay Academy as we walked through the halls of competition sites. Each and every one of you did more than you thought possible and more than we could have hoped for. I was in awe of you and inspired by you at the same time (so yes, you earned the grapes!) And I thank you for your determination and grit – also for the beautiful banner you made for me – and yes, if I had tear ducts, I would have cried 🙂

Do not forget your SciOly roots, or that we want you to to be part of the teams and coaching staff next year. Our goal is to place in the Top 5, but we need you to get there. In high school, you will be busier than you ever dreamed you could be, but even if you gave the 4th-Gen SciOly Nerds a few days here and there to help guide and direct them, you would be making a great contribution to Bay Academy. So pass it forward when possible!

Peace and Love to all of you – Dr. C and all the SciOly coaches who have made it very clear that you are leaving behind a very large pair of shoes to fill!

(And SciOly boys, if you have any graduation pics you would like me to add to the Photos album, just forward them along).

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