Bay Academy Rises in the Ranks!

The Bay Academy Team has once again proven themselves as top contenders at the NY State SciOly Competition. Our awesome competitors medaled in 6 of the top 10 events (3 out of 10 last year)…

  • 3rd Place – Scrambler
  • 4th – Towers
  • 6th – Food Science
  • 9th – Anatomy & Physiology
  • 9th – Reach for the Stars
  • 10th – Wind Power

We also moved Bay Academy from 15th Place team (last year) to 11th Place in NY State this year! (*We actually did place 10th, but received a small penalty that cause us to be moved back one place. Live and learn.)

I am very proud to be the head coach for this great team. They all deserve a big round of applause! Kudos to fantastic coaching, photographing and chaperoning by Mr. Kheyfets, Mr. Zeleniy, Mr. Soeur, Mr. Davis, Mr. O’Neill, and our good luck charm, Mo the bus driver, who got us here safe, sound and on time!

Special thanks to all those who helped make this a successful competition: Mrs. Timo, Mrs. Dalton, Mrs. D’Agosta and all those students who worked so hard to help us get here! What’s up for next year? New events (Potions and Poisons, Roller Coaster and more!) and a goal of top 5!! See you back here next year!

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  1. To all 6th and 7th graders – start getting ready for next year. The first step will be forming teams early. This will be based on classwork, overall grades and teacher recommendation. This will be our 4th (but 3rd full) year of participating in the Science Olympiad. Keep in mind, we will be choosing only the very best students. This doesn’t always mean the smartest, but it does mean the most highly recommended and the hardest working. The next step will be test taking at the end of this year. The subjects to be covered will be those that will make up the events for the 2017-18 Science Olympiad competitions. To see what this will be, go to or for updates! Or just ask me 😉

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