Bay Academy SciOly makes it to NATS 2022!!!

History is made in NY City!! For the first time since Science Olympiad has been run in the Big Apple, a Division B team has finally made it to NATIONALS!!! Congratulations to all students and coaches on this year’s big win!! We are all so proud of the hard work and dedication you have shown. You started over the summer and you never looked back!! Good luck at Nationals, do your best, and show them what New York is all about!! You are Rock Stars!!

Welcome to Competitive Science at Bay Academy!

Different academic and science contests and competitions are offered to students depending on grade level and talent. They are as follows:

  • 6th Grade Science Talent
  • 8th Grade Science Talent
  • 6th Grade Core 
  • All Bay Academy students

Go to “Science Contests” to see who will be doing what!

Poetry + Science = More Contest WINNERS!!

Congratulations to the following students for winning in the Creative Communication contest:

  • Davron Pulatov (8th)
  • Ryan Zhu (8th)
  • Robert Antonyan (6th)
  • Emily Louie (8th)
  • Malika Nasriddinova (8th)

It just goes to show what an idea and a little effort will do!! Congratulations once again!!

Bay Academy makes it to the Finals!!!

Congratulations to both Brian Yablonovskiy and Ilan Dascher on moving up to the Future Engineer Finals! Next step? They will be interviewed May 3rd and a few days later they’ll hear who take the top prize. How big is this? Really big!! This is just one reason why we know that The Bay Academy has the smartest science students in NY City and why The Bay Academy is the #1 middle school to come to if you love science!

Keep in mind that this science competition is not just a NY City contest – it is nationwide!! These ten semi-finalists are from across the country. It is great enough news to have one student from our great school picked to make it to the finals, but The Bay Academy has two of our best representing us. When you see them next week, wish them the best in their quest to take the top honor (to be announced May 7th). No matter who takes 1st Place, know that they have done their best and next time it could be you (or maybe them, again!!)


Water Resources Art and Poetry Contest wins 3X!

Congratulations! Samuel Reingold 831, Diana Reszuta 611 and Jiayi Yu 653 have all been selected as winners for their outstanding art and poetry entries submitted to the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) 33rd annual Water Resources Art and Poetry Contest. (Note, this is the second year that Sam has won this outstanding award – 6th grade as well!) Their entries were beautifully executed and shows genuine understanding of – and appreciation for – New York’s water resources. More than 1,600 watershed and New York City students participated in the contest this year.

Click here to see Sam’s submission! – Sip of Goodness

Click here to see Diana’s submission! – Our Water Our Home

Click here to see Jiayi’s Submission – Let’s Save Water!

All Water Champions (students with winning poetry and art) are invited to attend a special event in honor of their outstanding work and receive their certificate on stage. We hope that Samuel and guests will be able to attend:

 DEP’s 2019 Water Resources Art and Poetry Contest Celebration on Friday, May 17, 2019 at El Museo del Barrio

1230 Fifth Avenue (at 104th Street), New York, NY 10029 from 1:30 – 3:00 pm – Doors open at 12:30 pm.

Congratulations once again, Sam, Diana & JiaYi!

Future Engineer Contest Results!!

Congratulation to our 6th grade semifinalists in this year’s Future Engineer Competition!

  • Brian Yablonovskiy – Dove of Peace Weather Balloon – click for more details and pictures!!

  • Ilan Dascher – Weather Engineer – click for more details!!

Congratulations to both Brian and Ilan for their hard work! Let’s see what they do next year… maybe finals?!! We think so!!


So close….

So close!! The Bay Academy placed 3rd overall at the 34th Annual Science Olympiad State Competition this past weekend (out of 242 NY State middle schools). Yes, we were shooting for 2nd Place to earn a place on the National SciOly schedule, but it was not in the cards this year. But what was in the cards was that our phenomenal team took us further than we could have ever hoped for when we first began a little over 4 years ago. They placed in the top 10 in 15 out of the 23 events:

* 1st in Anatomy & Physiology and Heredity
* 2nd in Disease Detectives, Experimental Design & Herpetology
* 3rd in Circuit Lab, Density Lab and Potions and Poisons
* 4th in Mystery Architecture
* 6th in Road Scholar
* 7th in Boomilever and Game On
* 8th in Fossils
* 9th in Solar System and Water Quality
* WOW!!!!

I am so proud of each and every one of our Olympiads! They showed us what hard work and dedication produces. Yet sadly, many of them will be graduating this year and will move on to some of NY City’s most prestigious specialized high schools – Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech, Staten Island Tech, Bronx Science and other great schools! At the risk of repeating myself, I will be asking again, “Where will we ever get another team like this one?” Well, they are in our school, waiting to be discovered. And when we find them, we will guide and coach them into champs as well!

They say you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. Not true. I feel both blessed and lucky to have brought more of you into our Bay Academy SciOly “family”. You are with us now and will always be with us as we move ahead in our pursuit of NATS 2020!! For without you, and our former champions, we would not be where we are today. Thank you all!

Love and Peace,
Dr. C
(NATS 2020!!!)

Click for ALL State photos!

The Bay Academy takes 1st Place… again!

 Time for another Science Olympiad Update… Yesterday the Bay Academy Science Olympiad Team once again took 1st Place in our NY City Regional SciOly competition and are on our way to Syracuse for the State tournament in just 5 weeks. This will be our 4th trip to States and if our progress this year is an indicator of what to expect, then a letter the Nationals may be just around the corner!

No NYC high school or middle school in the history of SciOly has ever made it to Nationals and we – The Bay Academy – are now closer than any team has ever come before us. 

I have said it before, but it’s worth repeating. Every year we get a new team and every year I wonder how will they ever be able to eclipse the successes of the previous year. Team “NATS 2019” has shown me how this is done – lots of studying, hours of after-school preparation (many of these students are in after-school until 5pm every day!), research into all levels of their events, missed family events, and everything else it takes to make champions! Yes, they stand on the shoulders of giants, every SciOly team that has come before them, but they are proving the giants they are! They have made their families, their school and their coaches so very proud. As coaches, we must up our game once again and help them achieve their goal to make SciOly history. To our team… NATS 2019!!

Bayard Rustin SciOly Results!!!

On January 5th, the Bay Academy Science Olympiad teams took the Bayard Rustin SciOly Invitational by storm and once again, rose in the ranks by doing so!! (*Hint – Last year our team placed 8th… this year? 4th!! This also places us as the #2 New York team competing in this event!! Wow!!) A big congratulation to all competitors and now we move onto the Garnet Valley Invitational. Yes, this means all 45 team member need to be at The Bay Academy by 4:00am AGAIN this coming Saturday to leave for Pennsylvania, compete all day and return after dark, but this is how we do it! Nationals 2019!!

To see more horrifying pictures, click here (but do so at your own risk… frightening!!!)


Future City 2019

Future Update… Saturday, January 20th was a great day for all competitors and their families. The Bay Academy students worked for months on their projects and scored the following awards:
* Best Essay
* Most Energy Efficient City
* Creative Architectural Design
* Best Use of Innovative Construction Materials and Techniques

Click here to see ALL pictures and videos!!

We didn’t take 1st Place, but the students agree they will be back next year better and stronger than ever. A big hand for all!